Online Physics Phrenzy

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An online multiplayer physics game with monkeys! Get your monkey to collect his bananas before your opponent!

Use your mouse to move the balls to make the monkey bounce into the bananas.

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Submitted by ParasiticGames
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Played 1,466 times since 08.11.08
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3.18 Stars, 33 Votes

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cool but hard wen tigers come
#23 by Graysongdl on 08.31.09
iv played better
#22 by News228 on 07.18.09
its gay
#21 by Manley987 on 07.06.09
it alright
#20 by Joy6killer on 06.16.09
I like it! It may be hard, but it's cool!
#19 by Math321 on 03.18.09
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