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#172 by Daggerr on 11.02.16
i scored 50,760 points and got up to level 12. and am ranked 3rd in the high scores so fun and addictive.
#171 by Muttbum on 07.26.13
i got up to level 4 and scored 12920 points.
#170 by Muttbum on 07.23.13
nothing like a classic
#169 by Muttbum on 07.22.13
this game is so good even though i can only get up to level 2
#168 by Muttbum on 01.28.13
I could of got 1,000,000 if i chose to but didn't because it takes the 8 hours or so which im not doing. i had lifes to spare and mess around haha.
#167 by SERGIOJR on 01.03.12
i love pacman!
#166 by Leolara on 12.23.11
I love wakka-wakka man! Lol, pacman is sooo awseome, I got 53,000 points, and came in 18th for highscores. rating 5/5
#165 by XpembrokeX on 07.22.11
i love pacman im a beast at this game
#164 by HERM on 07.11.11
i love this game
#163 by Alexis100 on 06.19.11
Coyote_Negro, ExiTGame and Johnnystats r all the same person. and they r allso cheating. did u hear that gb....? well gb will not do anything about it anyways. so keeps cheating dude. they allow it on this site.
#162 by Spy_fly on 05.30.11
#161 by PatnKat on 01.10.11
i like the arcade game with a joystick better
#160 by RustyNail on 10.30.10
Good Game.
#159 by Death_6501 on 09.12.10
thiS Game iS awesoMe
#158 by Ffffffffff11 on 08.31.10
man they said i cheated and i never did
#157 by Baby_Alex on 05.25.10
this is the best game in the universe. nothing compares to pac-man
#156 by Chavello on 03.19.10
#155 by Kblm140 on 11.27.09
i got 4milloin and the score wasnt there
#154 by Sleepyg211 on 11.13.09
gay i got 987,854 and the score wasnt there
#153 by Master17 on 10.20.09
I just wasted 3 hours of my pathetic life and scored 2,840,480 and it didn't save it as the high score. I guess I should just go lie in a warm tub and let the blood drip out.
#152 by Simpleton on 10.18.09
GAY just kidding HAHAHA
#151 by KingJesse2 on 10.16.09
this is a true classic
#150 by Americanista001 on 08.07.09
im da best
#149 by PLAYAnigaz on 07.22.09
i'm a pac man addict.
#148 by Reaper911 on 07.08.09
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