Panda's Big Adventure

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love this game <3
#22 by Firework on 03.12.12
loved it
#21 by Bender on 01.12.10
Now it toke me 5 minutes beat that
#20 by Samanthakoi on 01.03.10
It's a good and hard game.Perfect.XD
#19 by Naruto_fan on 01.03.10
not that easy.but still great. finished it
#18 by I_like_pie on 12.28.09
its funny if u click on the panda he will yell at you!!
#17 by Alan0777 on 12.23.09
to easy toke me 30 min ti finish yawn
#16 by Miguelakanemo on 11.10.09
it toke me 2 days to finish this
#15 by Samanthakoi on 10.19.09
hard!!! beat most of it though. I got 2 peices of the thingy!!!
#14 by Breanna on 08.12.09
awsome game
#13 by Ggpengwen on 08.11.09
#12 by Saber878 on 07.30.09
Easy puzzle game. 3/5
#11 by Gamefan_1 on 07.19.09
ooooo very hard! i couldnt beat it
#10 by Chewey22 on 07.14.09
good game i like the panda
#9 by Thebomb on 07.14.09
i give it a 4/5
#8 by -_Jason_1012- on 07.14.09
lol that was cute and fun but it was kinda easy to beat
#7 by RockstarPrincess on 07.11.09
#6 by Miril181 on 07.11.09
#5 by Irishrocker12 on 07.11.09
#4 by Gamegirl5263 on 07.11.09
easy beat the whole game fun alil
#3 by Duwell on 07.10.09
cant find the christmas ornament shaped time peice
#2 by Hattrik55 on 07.10.09
its hard to play the last level
#1 by HP2004 on 07.10.09
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