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Pandoo is a highly competitive eastern sport enjoyed by pandas all around the world.In each level you have to fight against a number of pandas which is equal to level number.Try to finish 10 levels.

Use the arrow keys to move.
A, S = Fisk
Z, X = Kick
Shift = Run
Spacebar =Jump

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Submitted by Simurg
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Played 12,899 times since 04.07.08
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3.14 Stars, 35 Votes

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#29 by XpembrokeX on 07.25.11
i guess it's ok.4/5.cause it's in 3D.
#28 by Reaper911 on 08.22.09
#27 by Irishrocker12 on 07.11.09
#26 by AZNABLE123 on 06.19.09
its ok 3/5
#25 by Shotgun on 06.04.09
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