Papa's Hot Doggeria

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It's opening day at Griller Stadium but the season tickets are all sold out! Looks like the only way to watch the games is to work for your old pal Papa Louie! You’ve got the best seat in the house at Griller Stadium, which happens to be behind the counter at the hot dog stand. Grill and serve hot dogs and sausages, add toppings and condiments, pour drinks, pop popcorn for all of the fans at the game!

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Submitted by Gamebrew1
Sponsored by Flipline Studios
Played 30 times since 01.14.13
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got up to day 3 but then ran out of time. if it wern't for a time issue then i would've played on for a lot longer. is just so so fun and addictive. will play over and over again. just love it.
#8 by Muttbum on 10.07.13
#7 by SweetSammie24 on 05.06.13
cool game
#6 by ChrisL3119 on 04.29.13
bit hard but still cool
#5 by ChrisL3119 on 04.23.13
real cool game. love it .
#4 by Muttbum on 04.12.13
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