Paper Warfare

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#8 by Firesky on 07.01.10
it is really boring i agree with duwell all u do is click and move ur mouse around
#7 by Sharktooth101 on 04.12.10
i hate diabetes
#6 by Darktempp on 04.12.10
too borin just move click click boring boring blah
#5 by Duwell on 04.12.10
darktemp what does that mean??
#4 by Beatsboy66 on 04.09.10
it's ok
#3 by Ryen17 on 04.08.10
and thats why you have no life and your gay
#2 by Darktempp on 04.08.10
i love this game with a passion!! i would marry this game and make love to it every time i had a chance!!
#1 by Beatsboy66 on 04.08.10
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