Pencil Racer XL

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Draw it, Play it, Save it, Share it! More vehicles! New art shapes! Easier to draw, easier to share! The XL is for Excellence!

Mouse Control
Watch the Tutorial!
Use tabs for art, track, vehicles and shapes!
Share your tracks!

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Played 76,427 times since 07.02.08
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4.09 Stars, 65 Votes

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iv played batter
#37 by News228 on 07.16.09
i like the vehicle, not the original not better ether, but a half decent game.
#36 by Haredeenee on 02.12.09
i lke the hamster in a ball.
#35 by Spencse478 on 10.24.08
this game stinks
#34 by Tomboy14 on 10.10.08
that monkey on bike is invincible
#33 by Howlingwolf on 10.04.08
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