Plasma Duck Hunt

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A different take on a classic shooter. It is time for a self-serve dinner, go out and grill those ducks out of the air with your plasma gun. Your targets include ducks, ducklings, ceramic discs, and cute little butterflies. Move in and out of the screen to reload your weapon.

Move mouse to aim, click to fire. Move mouse in and out of screen to reload.

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Played 29,330 times since 11.27.98
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3.85 Stars, 27 Votes

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weird (_)
#12 by Mariomario887 on 01.13.10
pretty good 4
#11 by Flukey on 01.26.09
This is kinda good,but for the last level,do we have to shoot the flying pigs?
#10 by Sportrabbit on 08.21.08
good and nice game..i have already get to level 10 but only one more flying duck i have to shho and suddenly a flying pig come..and all the bird fly away..
#9 by Ika_cutegirl on 08.17.08
good enough game..........
#8 by OneBoi on 07.30.08
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