Please Stop Running

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A nearly omnipotent Artificial Intelligence known only as "Mother" has been tasked with looking after the citizens of the single planetary city. In order to manage the huge complexity of the job, all dangerous or slightly risky activities are discouraged... forcibly if necessary.

Running is automatic. Aim and fire with the mouse. W key or UP Arrow will jump. S key or DOWN Arrow will roll. Fire when rolling to slide and shoot.

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Submitted by Gamebrew1
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Played 610 times since 08.22.12
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#4 by Rin_Kagamine on 01.02.13
nice game
#3 by Whitesnow on 09.27.12
great game
#2 by SexiiCaramel on 09.23.12
Super awesome!!!
#1 by TurboAP on 09.12.12
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