PongOut 2

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PongOut returns now with updated graphics and all new power ups, think you can handle Pong and Breakout simultaneously?

Move the mouse horizontally to control breakout and vertically to control Pong.

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Submitted by Ab9003
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Played 1,831 times since 07.27.08
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3.83 Stars, 35 Votes

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playin 2 games at once iz easier than i thought gud game
#14 by Filcaj-rulz on 10.16.09
#13 by Coolman313 on 07.21.09
It's good
#12 by Tger1 on 04.12.09
love it!!!
#11 by Muffinscrap on 01.23.09
nice could b better.I could played this if I had 2 mouses
#10 by Aapkapapa on 12.25.08
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