Pool 8 Ball

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Get all your balls sunk before your opponent!

Aim with your mouse. Click, hold and drag back. Let go to shoot! Once someone gets a ball in, depending on the ball type, you will be striped balls or solids. Hit as many of your ball type in the holes when you can. When you've hit all yours in, hit the eight ball in for the win!

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Submitted by Omgpop
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login problem! why?
#20 by Mfswe on 10.02.13
I played this and its awesome!!!
#19 by TurboAP on 08.09.12
Its a pretty nice 3D pool game if you actually like pool.
#18 by Scaper111 on 08.06.12
#17 by Valiant on 12.25.11
a FAIL does not work 4 me
#16 by Leolara on 08.19.11
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