Presidential Knockout

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Bush verse Kerry.

W   Left Upper Cut
A   Left Jab
S   Right Upper Cut
D   Right Jab

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Played 93,565 times since 10.02.06
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STUPID!! i was presing buttons but it wasnt doing anything this is RETARDED.
#62 by 766kl4 on 10.10.10
#61 by -pookiepooh- on 05.16.10
this is awesome!
#60 by Jeric987_isback on 02.19.10
lol knocking out presidents is kinda funny but don't whack obama
#59 by Ryen17 on 12.22.09
i won all 3 rounds on hard this is awsome and easy
#58 by News228 on 12.10.09
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