Putt Putt Penguin

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Putt Putt Penguin is one of many multiplayer games from OMGPOP.com It's easy to invite friends to the game too, just click on the Invitation Link and send it to your best buds.

Click the mouse and drag to launch your penguin in your desired location.

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Submitted by Omgpop
Sponsored by OMGPOP.com
Played 291 times since 05.27.10
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3.29 Stars, 7 Votes

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iknow this game should change 2 a better one or 2take it down out of this site
#11 by Joellespinoza on 12.30.12
The game kinda is boring really i would give it 2/5. Its basically like golf but lamer.
#10 by Scaper111 on 08.06.12
#9 by Damiean on 12.28.11
really now this thing is just people golfing
#8 by Waleman on 10.29.11
its not really fun its more about golf with penguins
#7 by Waleman on 10.27.11
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