Radical Racing

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this game is (beep) stupid
#26 by Jelena on 12.18.11
not a good game 1/5
#25 by Ryen17 on 02.14.10
its addicting but STUPID
#24 by Tman on 09.13.09
i suck @ this game
#23 by Hideydog on 07.11.09
#22 by Unknownartist on 06.05.09
#21 by Superplayer on 05.02.09
it stupid i hate it
#20 by Soccerfreak on 04.10.09
it was ok
#19 by Jta311 on 12.23.08
#18 by Ladyt2000 on 10.12.08
come on it's fun
#17 by Stellafab_6677 on 08.17.08
its cool i gess
#16 by Rustythecool on 07.15.08
yawn anything else 2 play
#15 by Duwell on 06.27.08
good enough 4 me!!!!!!lol
#14 by OneBoi on 06.25.08
very good game manage the car is the best part of it
#13 by JoeVega on 06.20.08
Its boring...yawnn~
#12 by Sportrabbit on 06.19.08
no that cool =/
#11 by Damienj10 on 06.10.08
this game sucks
#10 by Tanner1477 on 06.02.08
This game isnt really that great.
#9 by Nickgick99 on 05.31.08
sucks alittle
#8 by RaNgErPlAya14 on 05.31.08
the car is to slow
#7 by Lexi22 on 05.29.08
this is a great racing game, but you barely get money for winning races. I dont want to play 56 times just so I
can get the next upgrade. and the music is perfect, I dont like that it plays a full 3 times before I finish the
race. and there needs to be at least some type of terrian, like trees u no
#6 by Austin_Carleton on 05.24.08
gay lol but realy gay
#5 by Steven097135 on 05.19.08
Boring you basucly do nothing
#4 by El-NeNe on 05.19.08
fun n boring 2 plus tha car iz slow
#3 by Shantay on 05.19.08
wow.this was worse than i thought
#2 by Hattrik55 on 05.19.08
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