Ragdoll Volleyball

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Defeat your ragdoll babe opponent and be careful of the spear in the middle of the field.

WASD - 1P Move
SPACE - 1P Ball
ARROWS - 2P Move
SPACE - 2P Ball

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Played 4,816 times since 11.30.08
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3.87 Stars, 76 Votes

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#58 by Amnd on 10.04.10
Eh it's ok and weird in the same time
#57 by Naruto_fan on 08.15.10
i seen better games then this
#56 by Ryen17 on 04.25.10
3/5 it ok
#55 by News228 on 01.18.10
the sims 3 is better
#54 by Alan0777 on 12.27.09
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