Rage of Magic II

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No Java 1.4 Support.


An epic fantasy fighting adventure featuring devastating combos, huge super attacks and exciting new power-ups! Many modes of play including 100 arena levels and 35 arcade story levels. Using three heroes, fight your way through the powerful mercenary elves and defeat the traitorous paladin king. Visit the official homepage for the latest news!

↑→↓←   Walk or Run
A   Combo Attack
S   Magic Attack
D   Panic Attack
W   Super Attack
A+S   Special Attack

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i like rage of magic 2
#87 by Silvergirl13 on 12.29.12
is long tho load!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
#86 by Leonl999 on 07.09.10
egész jó
#85 by Robzon on 05.16.10
I knew this game before this game was... this game.. xD It's wayy awesome. Gg Majinwar, Gg.
#84 by Playmate on 03.01.10
way awesome
#83 by Ryen17 on 12.22.09
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