Rage Truck

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What would you do if your air-con broke in the height of the summer? Get in your 4x4 and go on a rampage through town? Me too!

Arrow keys to move, space bar to change direction.

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Submitted by Box10
Sponsored by Box10.com
Played 97 times since 08.10.10
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4.50 Stars, 12 Votes

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#4 by Sickness on 02.09.11
lol i wuv this game o,O but ... would someone seriously go this cra-c over an ac... lol o,O
#3 by PeaceOut on 01.04.11
great game
#2 by Hobosrock on 08.14.10
good game
#1 by Ozzy17 on 08.13.10
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