Red Moon

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Join Eivana on a grand adventure to overthrow the king. Play through 20 action-packed levels and engage in 2 wild boss battles.

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Played 308 times since 05.06.09
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3.41 Stars, 41 Votes

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This is a cool game. Nice use of black and red. There is a little loss of movement at some points but other than that it's awesome. I give it 4 out of 5.
#23 by ZeldaGamer1 on 07.28.10
i really like it it's simple and fun!
#22 by Emo-Chick1 on 06.23.10
love it its cool
#21 by DahBaddestt on 06.04.10
1/5 thats my rate
#20 by KingJesse2 on 04.29.10
#19 by Emo-Chick1 on 03.30.10
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