Renegade Commanders

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Renegade Commanders is a full scale 3D RTS that will leave you astounded that such a game is available online for free! Construct buildings, train units, and destroy the enemy!

See the game tutorial to get a grip on the basic controls.
See the manual for detailed descriptions of every aspect
of the game.

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Submitted by KeithKongGames
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Played 718 times since 11.05.08
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3.50 Stars, 36 Votes

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not bad
#20 by I_like_pie on 09.13.09
this is like drone wars >.>
#19 by El-NeNe on 08.16.09
o opps well i did it and im not that good
#18 by _TJJ_ on 07.29.09
doswnt load
#17 by Jacob711 on 07.29.09
u have to go to the accullel web guys
#16 by Perro99 on 07.07.09
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