Renegade Racing

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Race against other vehicles in this amazingly fun physics based 2D racing game. Upgrade your vehicle each round and balance and perform stunts when performing jumps in order not to crash.

With eighteen levels, each with three races, you won't get bored with this game any time soon. It just hooks you in then by offering you the chance to upgrade and race new tracks keeps you in its fold.

You start by racing an old banger, a Morris to be precise, but you'll quickly earn cash in races and be able to upgrade - initially just your car, then to a new vehicle. Race in a old fashioned London bus, several monster trucks, a police car, ice cream van, smart car and finally, when you've got the money, one of several high speed sports cars.

Up / W   Accelerate
Down / S   Brake or Reverse
Left / A   Balance, also for backflips and wheelies
Right / D   Balance, also for front flips and reverse wheelies
Space / X   Jump

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Played 279 times since 02.24.13
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is so fun and addictive. just love it. will play over and over again.
#1 by Muttbum on 10.04.13
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