Return to the THK58

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Sarah returns to the THK58 to search for survivors. You control Sarah and must search the ship. The game also includes small battles similar to a first person shooter. There is an intro and ending animation which can be opened in a new window.

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Submitted by Kodremus
Sponsored by TEKO.CA
Played 6,567 times since 05.23.08
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Game Rating
3.08 Stars, 36 Votes

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Latest Reviews

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it is hard to get 2 level 2
#15 by Angel_101 on 08.20.08
i cant get to level 2
#14 by Anna-banana10 on 08.17.08
this game is ok, but not fun
#13 by OneBoi on 08.02.08
its ok
#12 by **DeepestBlue** on 07.21.08
cant get to level 2
#11 by Ghoss on 07.12.08
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