The Robbers

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Guide the gang of three robbers through 20 levels. Try to beat the clock and avoid getting caught! Each of the robbers has a unique skill: Claws can hang from walls, Froggy can bounce from wall to wall, and Brute can stun guards and push boxes. Earn silver and gold medals to unlock the later levels, and record your best times to the online leaderboard.

The game is controlled entirely with the mouse. Click on one of the robbers and drag the mouse to set the distance and direction you want them to jump.

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Submitted by Gimme5games
Sponsored by Gimme5games
Played 67 times since 03.26.10
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4.13 Stars, 15 Votes

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#15 by KINGSGLADIATOR on 06.17.11
i failed
#14 by Kellerz123 on 02.21.11
sheesh these comments are starting to look like the tactics 100 live reviews...but a cool game, the bouncing guy was too annoying and just sucked in general
#13 by Nathoni89 on 07.31.10
#12 by ClarkBeast on 07.23.10
well that's not very nice. Why don't you go chill out and eat some cookies with juice...
#11 by Iyonn on 06.12.10
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