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An incredible 3D fantasy adventure game. The free play has some limits but over 1000 people can play at the same time. Go on an adventure with friends!

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Played 104,044 times since 04.22.01
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4.50 Stars, 115 Votes

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I am a free to play mentor. I mentor new players. If you are willing to get a little help, please tell me and I will add you.
#94 by Player1 on 06.27.11
THIS IS DA stuff!!
#93 by MamaMunchCakes on 10.19.10
This game is INCREDIBLE!!!!!
#92 by The_NiGhTmArEsT on 12.15.09
add me ass a friend my name is amnd45
#91 by Amnd on 10.22.09
i have no friends on it im robot7123 please be my friend im a member
#90 by Robot on 08.03.09
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