Samurai Sam

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Take revenge on the Dark Ninja, but watch out for his minions of evil as you navigate hazardous traps!

↑→↓←   Move Around
SPACE   Jump
Z   Attack
X   Defend

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Submitted by Anro2121
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Played 42,477 times since 10.03.06
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Game Rating
3.50 Stars, 12 Votes

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not that great but still good
#7 by I_like_pie on 03.25.09
#6 by WILDHOGG on 03.24.09
wow i dont like it
#5 by I_like_pie on 03.17.09
Nice, but sadly THIS IS NOT THE REAL ONE! the real one is easy, but though have good graphics!
#4 by DashToDeath on 03.07.09
graphics are BAD
#3 by Kazram102 on 02.22.09
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