The Scared Groom

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It's your Wedding Day and your Groom is scared! Find him and bring him back to the Church before the stress gets to you and you pass out from it all.

Use your mouse to guide the Bride to her Groom.

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Submitted by GreatGirlsGames
Sponsored by Great Girls Games
Played 300 times since 04.19.09
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3.49 Stars, 51 Votes

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i like it
#43 by 123mandycute on 07.16.10
its not bad.................
#42 by Ccrlee5299 on 03.17.10
i find it funny how there are only like four guys who played this and the reast are chicks.
#41 by Smartgirl1012 on 10.15.09
its easy
#40 by Redskins45 on 10.15.09
#39 by Star on 10.14.09
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