Selena Wars

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The Future - The moon captured by alien race! Children of Selena - as they call themselves - can destroy the Earth. Moon - the last line of defense. This is Great Selena War! You are pilot of most advanced fighter in the army Earthlings! Go and destroy them all!

Use you mouse to move and fire your ship.

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Played 185 times since 04.02.11
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3/5. could be better
#4 by Gonthorian on 07.19.11
Coyote_Negro, ExiTGame and Johnnystats r all the same person. and they r allso cheating. did u hear that gb....? well gb will not do anything about it anyways. so keeps cheating dude. they allow it on this site.
#3 by Spy_fly on 05.30.11
Why did my score not get recorded i got 701240?
#2 by Rorro on 05.05.11
awesome game
#1 by Ozzy17 on 04.24.11

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