Shadez 2

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Shadez 2: Battle for Earth is the follow up to Shadez: The Black Operations. The player returns as the general of a Mercenary force. This force has been hired by the governments around the world to fight a war that they cannot win. With many nations in ruins from the initial attack, governments have been left with little to defend themselves. This is where you can defeat the enemy and be the dominating force in the world.

'Arrow keys' or 'WASD' Scrolls the landscape all in directions
'P' Opens the pause menu and pauses the game
'F' Runs the game faster, handy for building faster
'Z' Toggles the zoom between 100% and 50%
Mouse wheel Zooms the landscape in and out
'ESCAPE' Cancels the selection and deactivates sell/repair

Left button Selects the item under cursor
'SHIFT' Left button Toggles the selection under the cursor
'CONTROL' Left button Selects all units of that type
Double left button Selects all units of that type
Left button & drag box Selects all units inside the box

'0' to '9' Selects group set to that number
'SHIFT' '0' to '9' Sets the current selection as a group

'H' / 'SHIFT-H' Selects the Head quarters / Selects and Zooms to
'B' / 'SHIFT-B' Selects the Barracks / Selects and Zooms to
'V' / 'SHIFT-V' Selects the Vehicle Factory / Selects and Zooms to
'F' / 'SHIFT-F' Selects the Airfield / Selects and Zooms to
'C' / 'SHIFT-C' Selects the Strike Center / Selects and Zooms to
'N' Selects the next item and zooms to it
'T' Zooms to and if held down tracks the current selection

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Played 191 times since 01.12.10
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its a great game and all but i have to give it a 2/5 cause of at the rescue one its really boring and its a screwed up idea with the mountains just replace the 2nd mountain with some turrets and a couple of tank or something so those non anti air troops could do something
#6 by Perro on 04.30.10
#5 by Sweetbloom on 03.22.10
hey million air its more like hell and first day in a real fight prob gonna die
#4 by Perro99 on 02.14.10
beated it cant wait till number 3 comes
#3 by Perro99 on 01.17.10
#2 by Rexxar on 01.17.10
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