Shape Inlay

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In this game there will be a random shape placed in the middle of the screen. Small tiles of different shapes will appear from the bottom of the screen, you need to drag these tiles to fill up the shape. You can press the spacebar to rotate the dragging piece. The larger the tile you used, the higher the score you earned. You need to move quick otherwise when the tiles pile up in the bottom of the screen, you lose the game. You can discard a tile by dragging it to the hole, but scores will be deducted. Licensed By

Use the mouse to grab shapes and drop them in the puzzle area.

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Submitted by Fupa
Sponsored by fupa
Played 162 times since 08.31.08
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its kinda cool
#2 by I_like_pie on 12.05.08
it was ok
#1 by Hattrik55 on 10.10.08
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