Shift 2

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Is the floor the roof? Is the roof the floor? And whats with that in game timer? Find the answers to all the above questions and more in this original puzzle platformer!

SPACE   Jump
SHIFT   Shift!
P   Pause and Menu

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Played 9,594 times since 05.22.08
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4.33 Stars, 45 Votes

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awseomer than my nu.... what was that! NEWS UPDATE: If you are reading this your probaly on a computer if i guess right then your mom is going to be rich!
#38 by Sean-Pride on 11.10.10
#37 by Ayung on 08.23.09
#36 by Nate123 on 07.27.09
pretty good game
#35 by LesPaul on 05.16.09
hey did it really end with the ducks or did I not understand something?
#34 by Christmas-babe on 05.15.09
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