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Vinnie is not alone. His sexy girlfriend Shorty will protect his rear as she snipes his enemies! Quickly inspect the situations and sift anybody that gets in Vinnie’s way.

Use the mouse to aim and shoot, W & S keys to zoom your scope and spacebar to reload.

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Submitted by Siftheads
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Played 163 times since 08.26.09
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3.35 Stars, 23 Votes

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wtf only has 3 acts??? 1/5
#8 by Reaper911 on 07.18.10
not that good
#7 by Ryen17 on 04.25.10
yea it was too short..
#6 by I_like_pie on 09.14.09
#5 by Singlegirlswag on 09.13.09
I agree with GameFan it was to short.
#4 by 5thAdmiral on 09.06.09
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