Sim Taxi

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i don't like this game it is boring
#6 by Babyblue155 on 01.20.13
this game is the best game i had ever played . it is amaziiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggg and goooooooooddddddddd
#5 by Madhav on 01.03.13
it is my favorite is the best game i had played.
#4 by Madhav on 12.01.12
I love this game! Its pretty fun!
#3 by SweetSammie24 on 11.22.12
Its a taxi game you cant expect much.
#2 by Scaper111 on 08.04.12
This game needs to be more realistic and you should be fined the amount you would in real life. It shouldn't be birds eye view and you should be able to see your arms driving and all of the controls like in need for speed shift. apart from those things its a pretty good game.
#1 by Disire2kill on 03.09.12
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