Simpsons Millionaire

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Who wants to be a Millionaire .. but not your normal kind. This one is all about the Simpsons

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Played 11,109 times since 10.16.05
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1,000,000 suckers im rich
#6 by News228 on 02.05.10
this is a really good gaME!!! I WISH IT WAS DOWNLOADAble!!!! they should make more like this!!!!!
#5 by Elriolth94 on 07.14.08
It's ok...
#4 by Dragonforce on 02.01.08
I got 1000,000 beeeeeotch
#3 by Krow on 07.27.07
Cool game. its not boring. and its easy. i know you want to play this game and i got to 100000 like limo911. (the 1st to comment on this game)
#2 by Jickjock on 06.20.07
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