Slippery Side Swipe

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Slippery Side Swipe is a Pong game where you control four different paddles. The playing field is slippery making the paddles more difficult to control.

Move the mouse accordingly to control the four paddles, up, down, left and right. Keep the ball in the playing field avoiding it to hit the walls behind the paddles

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Submitted by ErnestoQuezada
Sponsored by Overload Studios
Played 3,486 times since 06.11.08
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3.69 Stars, 89 Votes

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oh baatie dats hrd
#45 by Cyber101 on 08.11.09
#44 by Bernard on 07.28.09
this game is kinda fun
#43 by -_Jason_1012- on 07.17.09
Where is the restart game button? =D
#42 by Lordofthewind on 06.29.09
im a fan of kanye west
#41 by Bernard on 06.16.09

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