Slumber Party Dressup

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The sweet and cute girl wants to have a wonderful slumber party with her girl friends tonight, but she is undecided, she doesn't know what clothes would be best. Would you help her out to chose the right clothes for tonight?

Use the mouse to drag the clothes.

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Submitted by Cartitans
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Played 745 times since 05.29.09
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<3 Love it!!!
#55 by Katrinam on 07.04.12
i gess its ok but it could use some more clothes
#54 by Leolara on 08.11.11
ohhh!its nice!
#53 by Emy007 on 08.13.10
i like
#52 by ThatGURLKIERRA on 07.23.10
i hate it whn we hv to drag the clothes to d girl...hate it!!
#51 by SuperHot on 07.01.10
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