Small Ninja 2

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Fight ninjas on your adventure.

←→   Move
   Jump Up
   Jump Down
A   Spin Slash
S   Normal Swing
D   Downward Slash

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Played 42,890 times since 10.17.05
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Game Rating
3.83 Stars, 24 Votes

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Latest Reviews

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its pretty good
#8 by Alan0777 on 11.11.09
eeeeehh its ok ... 3/5
#7 by Nunyabizz on 09.16.08
good game
#6 by Sexy_Mychal on 06.28.08
Great!! Awesome graphics!! Breathtaking gameplay and sweet animation. Great concept and really original. Very addicting but way too easy and gets a little boring after a while...
#5 by Drovoxx on 04.27.08
I love the Small Ninja games. They really are fun and look and play great. Easy to play, unfortuantely too easy to beat, but still fun. and this one was longer than the first.
#4 by Pyromike on 04.09.08
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