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Another Breakout, Arkanoid style clone. Use mouse to move pad left and right. Click mouse button to release balls and activate weapon if collected.

Move with mouse, click to release balls.

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Played 19,661 times since 01.14.05
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3.68 Stars, 19 Votes

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#5 by Bernard on 06.16.09
bad bad bad bad bad bad
#4 by Master-me162 on 08.02.08
its alright but it needs something "new"
#3 by Dark-Vegito on 03.24.08
old school but with a new look
#2 by Vonoms on 03.12.08
I would say this game would better if it had a little bit more of bonus surprises. An okay game.
#1 by Super on 06.17.07
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