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Snake like you can play right on your cell phone. Move the snake to get the food but do not touch the sides of the wall or your own body or you will lose. The snake gets longer and moves faster as you gather more pellets.


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Played 56,790 times since 05.31.05
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4.29 Stars, 190 Votes

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This is one of the best classic games ever! I really like it, as it reminds me of old times when I would play it on my cellphone...
#124 by TasosP1987 on 07.09.15
This is my favourite game!
#123 by TasosPetr on 08.04.12
#122 by Leolara on 10.29.11
Good Game.
#121 by Death_6501 on 09.12.10
i beated my friends record!!!
#120 by Bryce10 on 07.09.10

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