Sniper: Year One

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#13 by Naruto_fan on 08.30.09
#12 by GoldenAngel on 08.29.09
#11 by Reaper911 on 08.21.09
#10 by Iyonn on 07.26.09
#9 by Ponda on 07.21.09
its bad
#8 by Shane117 on 06.14.09
alright game.. not a award winner tho.. just good for a couple of plays.
#7 by Jamesthegerman0 on 05.26.09
its its an ok game fa me
#6 by Snook on 05.10.09
you cant get past level 7
#5 by Shadowman1990 on 05.06.09
another job well done
#4 by WILDHOGG on 04.26.09
this game is not good 2 stars
#3 by Hallow on 04.19.09
this game is not the best
#2 by Lala153 on 04.18.09
Ehh... A 3Star
#1 by Brian01 on 04.12.09
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