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Grab all the coins and guide Sonic to the goal post. Avoid the bad monsters in your way.

←→   Move Left and Right
SPACE   Jump Up

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Sponsored by Nick Kouvaris
Played 411,747 times since 10.12.05
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3.24 Stars, 67 Votes

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#36 by Jeric987_isback on 04.23.10
fun kinda borin and definetly GAYYYYYYYYYYY
#35 by Cutie123 on 02.16.10
Just like a basic grab the items on the map and reach the finish game. Not a remake of sonic but good for what it is none-the-less. There are better games on this site in my opinion. wouldn't waste your time unless you're looking for this type of game. 2/5
#34 by TheGuardian on 10.11.09
fun great
#33 by Gamegirl5263 on 07.18.09
gay 0/1753845673456485374353854745745375473547854864
#32 by Baraka246 on 05.27.09
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