Sonic Boom Town 2

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Choose a car, choose a mission and blow up buildings with your awesome sound system. Upgrade your car's performance and enhance the stereo for maximum destruction! Featuring all-new graphics and a giant Three Island City map.

Control your car with the arrow keys and use SHIFT to hand-brake into a drift. Destroy buildings with your stereo by holding down SPACE.

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Submitted by KillerViral
Sponsored by KillerViral
Played 415 times since 04.14.09
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3.86 Stars, 36 Votes

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This game is awesome. The music is great!
#16 by Jediknight on 03.07.10
the music is awesome
#15 by Ryen17 on 02.14.10
I really like this game because it's really addicting, I don't know why the owners of the cars were half naked though. The music is nice and matches the type of game this is, I also like that the cars look really cool. I will favorite this game and I will ALSO give it a score of 5/5 stars ) ).
#14 by Blackgal on 12.28.09
lol i love the music
#13 by RockstarPrincess on 10.04.09
it is hard for real but i will add it
#12 by Sexygirl56 on 08.23.09
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