Space Invaders Multiplayer

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The classic Space Invaders now is a little bit faster, so you need some other friends to beat the level, the one that will earn more points will win in this multiplayer fight. Developed By Lorenzo Nuvoletta.

Click on Start and wait for some people to join.
Arrows to move, Spacebar to shoot, Destroy all the aliens!

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Submitted by LorenzGames
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Played 2,937 times since 08.05.08
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3.93 Stars, 60 Votes

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well this game is a little boring(by the no ovence)
#38 by Waleman on 10.26.11
needs more people playing 5 out of 5
#37 by Dungeonwarrior on 07.20.10
this is AWESOME i like space invaders but this jsut ups it a nauch
#36 by PAKMAN on 03.27.10
this is tha S*it
#35 by Lesane on 07.27.09
love it! 5/5
#34 by Nunyabizz on 06.12.09
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