Space Invaders

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A close match up from the original, has great audio clips that are very memorable. Press space to fire the baddies up in space, use the barriers for protection against their weapons.

←→   Move
SPACE   Fire

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Played 23,383 times since 04.19.04
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4.39 Stars, 92 Votes

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it's a good classic
#42 by Muttbum on 07.22.13
@TheGuardian: 44,980. Top that.
#41 by Achilleswashere on 05.14.12
here is a hint press p 2 pause game
#40 by 1230 on 10.17.09
Good remake of the old nintendto classic space invaders. scroll side to side killing each line of alien invaders before they reach you and without getting shot. I got 17,100 see if you can beat my score. I give this remake a 4/5
#39 by TheGuardian on 10.11.09
#38 by I_like_pie on 09.13.09

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