Spectrum Dancer

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Move your block with the arrows and change colors to avoid getting hit by different colored blocks.

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Submitted by Archbob
Sponsored by FlashNinjaClan.com
Played 2,588 times since 08.22.07
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Game Rating
2.73 Stars, 11 Votes

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It's seriously impossible to win!! Nice puzzle and skill game, but how are you supposed to win?? Very original though...
#5 by Drovoxx on 04.24.08
#4 by El-NeNe on 03.25.08
#3 by Dragonforce on 01.13.08
Assinine -- don't waste your time
#2 by Superrenee on 08.26.07
This game is really dumb. I don't like it, BUT if it's somebody's 1st try in making a game not too shabby.
#1 by DevilKissx on 08.24.07
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