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Splat bugs as fast as you can.

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Played 2,080 times since 08.08.08
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Game Rating
3.79 Stars, 68 Votes

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Favorited 17 times

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great game
#40 by ShineStar on 05.24.12
Good Game.
#39 by Death_6501 on 09.18.10
how can you even cheat on this game and its kinda stupid
#38 by Andrew9696 on 09.29.09
Cheaters in this game = Jailbait Gazump And Bombshell no point in attempting when gamebrew doesnt ban cheaters
#37 by Robbieboy666 on 03.22.09
what the f im banned
#36 by Cat195 on 03.14.09

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