Square Evasion Championship

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In this game, evade enemy squares for as long as you can, while scoring higher! Features several powerups. Will you become the Square Evader Champion?

WASD / Arrow keys to move your square.

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Submitted by StormVideogames
Sponsored by StormVideoGames.com
Played 2,442 times since 07.16.08
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Game Rating
3.57 Stars, 42 Votes

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Latest Reviews

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pretty touch
#20 by -_Jason_1012- on 07.14.09
pretty tough
#19 by Mr-win-guy on 04.25.09
i dont get it -.-
#18 by XXxKILLxXx on 04.05.09
WOOOOOOOO!! Play once got 10,000 points, then play it for my second time and got 179,235. First place for me now I just have to wait 2 days to see it below.
#17 by J-man on 03.04.09
84290 i might as well go for first
#16 by Fallenrob on 01.19.09

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