Squares and Blades 2

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Squares and Blades 2 is here with even more of the addictive fantasy combat you crave! With double the number of characters to choose from and even more enemies and levels to battle, Squares and Blades 2 will have you fighting like never before!

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Played 779 times since 10.22.08
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3.23 Stars, 26 Votes

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#11 by Jason_arellano51 on 05.14.09
this is pretty boring
#10 by Marybabydoll1 on 03.29.09
yah nice
#9 by WILDHOGG on 12.17.08
its crap
#8 by Ccrlee1821 on 11.28.08
this is kind of fun
#7 by OneBoi on 11.26.08
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