Squares and Blades 2

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#11 by Jason_arellano51 on 05.14.09
this is pretty boring
#10 by Marybabydoll1 on 03.29.09
yah nice
#9 by WILDHOGG on 12.17.08
its crap
#8 by Ccrlee1821 on 11.28.08
this is kind of fun
#7 by OneBoi on 11.26.08
its alright when you get good at it
#6 by Blind_Rage on 11.24.08
#5 by Iamlegend on 11.23.08
#4 by SweetGirl on 11.23.08
this game sucks!
#3 by Joey09 on 11.23.08
#2 by Brianna on 11.23.08
it was ok
#1 by Hattrik55 on 11.23.08
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