Squibballs Front 9

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What does every Squibball golf game need besides lava... more golf. Now you can hit your Squibball around a 9 hole course. Avoid the lava and magma spikes. Try and get your Squibball into the gold bottomed cup. The goal is to use as few shots as possible.

Z = zoom
space = start swing/set power
left/right arrow = change club
mouse = aim

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Submitted by Spinygames
Sponsored by spinygames
Played 4,748 times since 05.07.08
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3.30 Stars, 30 Votes

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still weird...
#11 by OneBoi on 07.30.08
#10 by LOU08 on 07.24.08
cool game.
#9 by Sweetlolita on 07.17.08
wow i love this game so much
#8 by Awjama on 06.27.08
hattrik is rigght this hasn't chaned at all
#7 by Dragonzonshu56 on 06.08.08
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