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i <3 this game.
#27 by Plowgirl3 on 06.11.10
cool 5/5
#26 by News228 on 01.05.10
i like it its fun
#25 by Jenni_girl on 12.27.09
#24 by Cowgirl47 on 10.22.09
pretty fun
#23 by Hattrik55 on 08.07.09
fun but hard i beat u noah
#22 by BirdStyle2010 on 07.20.09
i lik it but it is to fast.
#21 by Quantana on 07.13.09
cool I like it, but the timer is 2 fast.
#20 by Macodo on 07.10.09
the goelis on it go faster when the sapes
#19 by Badboy12345 on 06.29.09
Yes..and i finally beat it..but it didn't submit my score Grrr.. >:C
#18 by I_like_pie on 06.26.09
Lol trying to beat my score there kate?
#17 by 5thAdmiral on 06.26.09
wtf? it dint submit my score!! ugh!
#16 by I_like_pie on 06.21.09
i know right?
#15 by Badboy12345 on 06.20.09
idk how u even play this game! =P
#14 by ShadowQueen_001 on 06.19.09
its ok then hell
#13 by Badboy12345 on 06.08.09
its ok
#12 by LesPaul on 06.08.09
number 11 alright
#11 by RiottimePMP06 on 06.07.09
Wow! I got in top 10 on my first try Great game
#10 by Iyonn on 06.07.09
ahaaa aweeeeet
#9 by Badboy12345 on 06.05.09
#8 by I_like_pie on 06.05.09
Kate jesus how did you get that high of a score I tried so hard and then got it I got 324,927 and forgot to press submit I thought it did it automatically...There should be a co-op one me and kate we would pwn =P
#7 by 5thAdmiral on 06.05.09
woohoo #2
#6 by I_like_pie on 06.05.09
=) It's not as hard as yout hink it is...you just have to think fast...it's so much fun number one for me..top game.
#5 by 5thAdmiral on 06.04.09
waw.. im good at this game.. i luv it!
#4 by I_like_pie on 06.04.09
truely awesome game.
#3 by Junkyard on 06.03.09
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