A Stitch In Time

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Help this spy girl stop the museum robbers, chase down that monkey!

   Jump Up
   Crouch Down
←→   Move Left and Right
SPACE   Leg Sweep

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Played 127,993 times since 11.02.05
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3.62 Stars, 96 Votes

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tu eres una puta
#62 by Adrian_25 on 04.16.12
sorry blech !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#61 by Frostchamp on 11.01.09
bad ending..
#60 by Ayung on 08.29.09
Way to stupid.
#59 by Tger1 on 08.04.09
Kim Possible is'nt even cool anymore.
#58 by Reaper911 on 06.22.09
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